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Download Karang Taruna Logo - Free Vector

Logo Karang Taruna - Download Logo "Karang Taruna", before my friend mendonwload logo karang taruna better buddy know some of the hala from the logs of the cadets.

In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Social Affairs R.I Number: 65 / HUK / KEP / XII / 1982 regarding Coal Taruna symbol,

The Coat of the Taruna contains the elements of a lotus flower that begins to bloom, two strands of ribbon emblazoned at the top and bottom, a circle, with a lotus blossom as the background.

Meaning of Coat of arms of Taruna

1. Lotus Flower that begins to bloom; symbolizes the element of adolescents who imbued the spirit of society (social).

2. Four leaf blossoms at the bottom; symbolizes the four functions of Karang Taruna namely:
  • Emprove creativity to learn responsibly.
  • Making activities - social, recreational, educative, productive, and other practical activities.
  • Develop and realize the expectations and ideals of children and adolescents through interaction guidance conducted both individually and in groups
  • Inculcating understanding, awareness and socializing the appreciation and practice of Pancasila.
3. Seven leaves of the top flower; symbolizes the seven elements of personality that must be possessed by children and adolescents.

Obedient: Taqwa to God Almighty
Response: Attentive and case sensitive
Tanggon: Strong, physical and mental endurance
Demolished: Firm, sure, no doubt, steadfast stance
Agile: Spright, nimble, fast moving, dynamic
Skilled: Able to be creative and practical work
Sincere: Simple, sincere, willing to give, honest

4. The ribbon at the bottom reads CORAL TARUNA;
Contains meaning:

CORAL = yard, yard, or place
TARUNA = adolescent
Overall means place or container teenagers coaching.

5. The ribbon at the top reads ADITYA KARYA MAHATVA YODHA;
Contains meaning:

ADITYA: Smart, full of experience
WORKS: Workers
MAHATVA: Honorable, virtuous
YODHA: Fighters, patriots
Overall means a person, knowledgeable, and skilled Warrior.

6. Circle; symbolizes a shield, as a symbol of National Resilience.

7. Lotus flower that blooms five leaf blossoms; symbolizes the environment of a prosperous society evenly based on Pancasila.

8. Meaning of color

White: Holiness, unspoiled, unspotted
Red: Courage, patience, calm, and self-control, determination
Yellow: Majesty of noble character


Filename: Karang Tarunan Logo
File Format: cdr, PDF, PNG
Status: FREE
Publication By: Team Wandani

that's a little information about Karang Taruna logo, but if you want to download vector logo karang taruna, you can download below picture below.

Download Logo Karang Taruna - Free Vector

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