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Download Logo Kementerian Pertanian - Free vector

Download Logo Ministry of Agriculture - this time I want to share a logo that is not foreign to the people of Indonesia. this agriculture ministry logo I share with the vector format so you can easily edit the size, shape and color, as you want to change to 1 color but easily you can change it by using coreldraw program. Why should CorelDRAW program? because I save it in core format, but I also save it in PDF, PNG and JPEG format to make it easier for you who do not understand coreldraw program. A logo or symbol is a visual form (image or writing) that becomes the identity of a product, organization or state institution. Thus, a logo should have a unique form and only manifest in one official version. But if we search the logo of the ministry of agriculture through search engines, we will get a similar image form but not the same, both in shape and color. Likewise, if we visit the official websites under the Ministry of Agriculture, the logo displayed also varies. From here could come the question: "what does the official logos of the Ministry of Agriculture do?"

Both images of the logo are actually not appropriate in terms of shape / color with the explanation contained in the Minister of Agriculture Decree number 206 in 1978 itself. Logo images from the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture even have a form that quite far deviates from the official logo. Meanwhile the digital version of the logo image obtained from the SK document has an error in terms of color. This may be due to the waning of the ink used to print the SK and / or the imperfect scanning process to digital form.

The same design I have available is not the same as the image above, but this file is often used by the people of indonesia for its sake. examples of files available like the picture below ,, But if you want to download the logo of the Ministry of Agriculture you can download it below the image below.

Download Logo Kementerian Pertanian - Free vector

The Meaning of the Form and Color of Logo of the Ministry of Agriculture

In accordance with SK, the official logo of the Ministry of Agriculture consists of 5 main image elements: background, buds, circle, halal circle, and water. The following is an explanation of the logo of the Ministry of Agriculture:

1. Tunas describes the Biological notion of all activities administered by the Ministry of Agriculture, except humans, as living things. The light green color represents the notion of life.

2. The circle is red, symbolizing the notion of unity.

3. The five angled circles are brown, symbolizing the notion of the main executing element (main tasks of the Department of Agriculture).

4. Warna dasar baik untuk Panji, maupun Vandel, serta bentuk lainnya adalah “KUNING EMAS” sebagai lambang kemegahan.

5. Water is light blue, has a sense as a symbol of greatness.

6. AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT, colored White / Green leaf.

Thank you for visiting this simple site hopefully this ministry of agriculture logo is useful for you. Saleum Aneuk Aceh

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